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Back-up to Cloud

Over the last few years, a proliferation of web services paved the way for saving enterprise back-ups. Oracle recently added the Oracle secure back-up (OSB) cloud module to its inventory of back-up solutions, which allows RMAN to write database back-ups directly to the Amazon storage cloud. It offers all the major features of RMAN and provides a cost-effective alternative to tape and online storage. This document highlights some of the steps involved in configuring RMAN backup to the Amazon cloud.


OS: OSB is currently supported on Linux & Window platforms.

JAVA: JDK 1.5 or higher is required to run the cloud module to configure the environment.

Note: Typically Oracle database 11gR2 installation may contain Java 1.5 JDK. This can be used in case the server doesn’t have the appropriate JDK installed. JDK location under Oracle home –

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